Client-Side Web Development

Chinese Language Micro-learning Application is a mobile app based on Adobe PhoneGap. Its target audience is the foreigners who want to learn Chinese language. Our core feature is Microlearning, which deals with relatively small learning units and short-term learning activities. Based on the Forgetting Curve and the SuperMemo algorithms, we help users learn fast and efficiently.

  • Platforms: Android Phone
  • Timeframe: 12 weeks
  • Team Members: Xiaolin(Emily) Liu, Chulei Shen, Yufang Zhang, Xiaochun Yuan
  • Role: producer, programmer
  • My contributions:
  • Analyzed market demand, conducted a survey, designed main functions of the software
  • Guided group members to learn relevant technologies such as Adobe PhoneGap and web development skills
  • Developed the front end by HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery Mobile
  • Developed in Adobe PhoneGap framework to build application for different kinds of mobile devices